Candle Production


The business of candle production can be classified under the medium or large scale production enterprise. Considering the inconsistency and unavailability of elctricity from the National grid to lighten bulbs and other light emitting appliances; we can be ascertained that the demand for candle sticks is continuously constant.

The demand for candle nationwide is much considering the simple hypothesis that out of every twenty Nigerians, one person burns a candle stick every night. if the figures are to be articulated, we will be assured that 7.5 million sticks of candle are burnt nationwide everyday. It is of great inportance to note that over 70% of the condles consumed in Nigeria is being inported from other countries.

This further confirms that the local demand surpasses the quantity produced/supplied locally in Nigeria.


Setting up a candle production factory is easy. All that is needed are briefly expalined below:
  • The Production site:- This comprises three (3) sections -
    • The production room
    • Packing room for finished products
    • Raw materials/finished goods room (store)
  • Equipment and Machines:- This comprises
    • Imported candle moulding machine with capacity of 480 or 800 pieces of cnadle per every 15 minutes per each machine, the investor may choose to have as many machines as wished
    • Water tanks
    • Wax melting machine
    • Water pumping machine
    • Buckets
    • Benches and tables
    • Packing cartons
  • Materials
  • Operators/Staff

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