Polythene/Nylon Production


The production of plastics (Nylon) is a very good business in Nigeria today. Nylon is being used everywhere in the country in replacement of leave for wrapping or packing things in the society. Everybody uses polythene nylon in his or her environment for easier disposal.

The demand for polythene nylon is higher in the market for consumption. No matter the sxisting polythene industries, it is not enough for the consumption of people in Nigeria. While exporting them to our neighbouring countries like Chad, Niger Republic and Cameroun.


  • The Production Site: This comprises of five (5) sections
    • Production room (main)
    • Small production room (recycling)
    • Raw material room
    • Store for finished products
    • Generator room
  • Equipment/Machines
    • 6 Nos of Extruder machines (Double heads)
    • 6 Nos of Cutting machine (Double)
    • Recyling machine
    • Punching machine
  • Materials
    • HDPE Local/Foreign at 25kg per bag
    • LDPE Chemical
    • LLDPE Chemical

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